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My name is Michael Robins and I have been a qualified hypnotherapist for 4 years, who has merged life experiences and interests to specialise in mind management for issues such as quit smoking, weight loss, fears & phobias, stress/anxiety and improving sports performance.

Sports performance is a very passionate subject for me, as I trained for many years in body building and competed at a very high level, achieving awards for strongest man. It is for that reason, I am enthusiastic about encouraging and supporting others to achieve good, healthy, body and mind conditioning, through the power of hypnosis.

Quit smoking also became a big interest as it is unhealthy for the body, and, a leading cause of many house fires.  Having been committed to the fire service for 28 years, I have seen the effects of smoke inhalation and disaster which has caused death. With awareness of medical conditions that smoking can also lead to, I found that this subject was one I wanted to specialise in, so that I can have an active part in helping people overcome the unwanted habit and reduce the chances of long-term effects.

My interest in hypnotherapy began many years ago, when I was undergoing treatment myself for PTSD, which is common in the fire service, due to the nature of the work. The hypnotherapy treatment that I received, allowed me to regain control of my thoughts, and instantly improved my home, personal and working life. 

Since being qualified, I have helped multiple people to make positive, lasting, lifestyle changes which brings me great satisfaction, having been a part of their healing and improvement process.

All the best to you, on your journey